Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kingdom of Cygnar Remix

When I originally uploaded this video it featured the song "Shock" by Fear Factory, which was something I thought was really fitting to Cygnar's lightning motif. About a year after this video was posted it got flagged for a copyright violation, but fortunately YouTube has an audioswap feature. So, I was able to keep the video at the expense of a really great song. If this video was something more than a slide show, such as a battle report or vblog then I would have had to delete from my original channel.

I do plan on doing another video like this in the near future. I currently have my Cygnar collection fully painted all the way up through Superiority. I'm considering a book-by-book slide show that would feature the figures in the order that they appeared in various expansion for Warmachine.

In addition, I also plan on doing this for my Circle Orboros collection, but I got to get more of that stuff painted.

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