Sunday, October 25, 2009

100pts of Mengled Metal in MKII

Okay, so I've played a few 1000pt Mangled Metal games in MKI, and those games were always awesome. So, with MKII I started wondering what an equivalent game would look like with the new points system. And here's what I came up with:

Army Points: 100
Captain Jeremiah Kraye-6
Captain E. Dominic Darius-5

This list is based on 'jacks that I own, and I have only a few left over after making this list. That is INSANE! Tom tried to do the same thing and ran out of 'jacks before reaching the 100 point goal.

Compare this to one of my old 1000pt Mangled Metal lists:

Faction: Cygnar
Points: 976 (49 points in MKII)
Model Count: 10
Victory Points: 30

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
> Hunter
> Hunter
> Hunter
> Centurion
> Thunderhead
Major Victoria Haley
> Lancer
> Lancer
> Defender

That's eight 'jacks in the MKI list and 14 in the MKII list. That's going to be a lot of fun with the right warcasters. Too bad most people I've met don't have enough 'jacks to make it happen.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Prime MKII Cover

The cover to the next Warmachine book has been revealed and it is dead SEXY! And, I'm glad they've moved away from the "movie poster" style that we saw on the cover of Legends. I can't wait to drop 24.99+tax on this at my LGS (Paladin's Game Castle) in January.

IcV2 has a story on this, and you can read more about it here: Warmachine Second Edition.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Masters of Metal II: Week 2

Command Positions

It takes a valiant commander to lead his army into the enemy position.

Special Rules:
The first player to deploy may choose the point of one table corner as his Command Position. The Second player’s Command Position is the point of the table corner diagonal from his opponent’s Command Position.

Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting game roll. A player’s deployment zone extends 18” from his Command Position.

Victory Conditions:
A player wins if he starts his turn with a friendly warcaster/warlock completely within 10” of his opponent’s Command Position or when the last opposing warlock/warcaster is destroyed or removed from play.

Master Challenge:
Get Your Solo or Unit into the enemy deployment zone and receive one (1) additional league point.

NOTE: Use a penny to represent the command position.

Bradigan Provoked: Take Two!


The background music in the original upload was too loud. When I edited the first video I dropped the volume on the musical track down by 50%, but when iMovie compiled the video it went and made the music louder. There were also a lot of audio glitches, and a part where the screen went black that I had to fix. So, this is take two:

Again, now that the audio portion has been fixed. I could use some feedback on this video.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bradigan Provoked: A Warmachine Demo

This video was an experiment, and I may turn this into a series of Warmachine "Demo" videos where I show off the coolness of the game in small bites rather than trying to cover everything in one shot. The point of this video was to demonstrate the mechanics of melee and range combat as requested by several YouTube viewers in recent months. This information in this video is in reference to the MKII rules and model stats. Please let me know what you think either here on Blogspot, or on my YouTube channel:

[note: I deleted the original video, and replaced it with a newly re-edited video. The music in the first one was way too loud]

Friday, October 9, 2009

Warmachine FAIL!

This was suppose to be a battle report, but something went very wrong. I was in too big of a hurry when I set up and didn't notice that I was using a Defender heavy-warjack in place of a Lancer. So this happens:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SteamPoweredTV Blog Newsbrief

Hey Guys,

Today, I just wanted to let you all know that SteamPoweredTV is now a part of the Iron Agenda Blog Network (IABN). If you are fans of Warmachine/Hordes and you want to see what's going on with other fans then I'd recommend checking out the following link:

I'll be sure to post more about this in the future, and I'll even do a vblog on the subject when I find the time.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Masters of Metal II: Week 1, SPEEDMACHINE


Opposing forces encounter each other while in route to an emergency.


Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting roll. Use standard deployment zones.

A player wins the scenario if they have the only Warcaster/Warlock in play by the end of the third round. After the beginning of the fourth round normal victory is achieved when a player has the only Warcaster/Warlock currently in play.

A player who wins using only warjacks/warbeasts will achieve one (1) additional league point.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'll be running Flahspoint at my FLGS on 10/24/09

Masters of Metal League II: The Revenge

Hey Guys,

I'm going to be running a league at Paladin's Game Castle here in Bakersfield, Ca. And, I thought I'd blog about it. So, I'll be posting the weekly scenario and standings for this league as well as any videos that games played in this league might produce. And I'm going to start with the League rules which will be posted below:


The Revenge


* 350 points of Mangled Metal or Tooth N’ Claw with the option of one (1) solo.

o MKII Option: 15pt Duel with option of one (1) solo.

* Or 500 points of Mangled Metal or Tooth N’ Claw with the option of two (2) solos, AND one (1) unit.

o MKII Option: 35pt Skirmish with limit of one (1) unit, and two (2) solos.

Note: Warcaster Attachments count as Solos.


* One (1) point to play 350 (or 15pt duel)

* Two (2) points to play at 500 (or 35pt skirmish)

* Three (3) additional points for a win at 350 (or 15pt Duel)

* Four (4) additional point for a win at 500 (or 35pt Skirmish)

* One (1) additional point for winning by scenario.

* One (1) additional point for winning and achieving a master challenge.


* Can’t play the same opponent twice in a row.

* Limit of five (5) games per week, per player.

* One Scenario Per Week – distributed by e-mail, and posted on the bulletin board at Paladin’s Game Castle, and at

* Tuesday night is “League Night,” but if you can squeeze in a game at any other time while at Paladin’s Game Castle then it will count.

* Events, such as Arena, will award bonuses to league participants.

* Games will be recorded on scorecards, and turned into a record box. League standings will be posted once a week via e-mail, and on the bulletin board.

* Players are not restricted to one faction, contract, or special force – a player’s army list must be legal.

o Ex: Tuesday, I Play Cygnar. Friday, I play Circle Orboros. And, Saturday I play Mercs.

* SPORTSMANSHIP: Remember, we are all here to have fun!