Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bradigan Provoked: A Warmachine Demo

This video was an experiment, and I may turn this into a series of Warmachine "Demo" videos where I show off the coolness of the game in small bites rather than trying to cover everything in one shot. The point of this video was to demonstrate the mechanics of melee and range combat as requested by several YouTube viewers in recent months. This information in this video is in reference to the MKII rules and model stats. Please let me know what you think either here on Blogspot, or on my YouTube channel:

[note: I deleted the original video, and replaced it with a newly re-edited video. The music in the first one was way too loud]


  1. The music was too loud and made it hard to hear what you were saying

  2. I fixed the music issue, and I fixed a couple of glitches as well.