Thursday, October 1, 2009

Masters of Metal League II: The Revenge

Hey Guys,

I'm going to be running a league at Paladin's Game Castle here in Bakersfield, Ca. And, I thought I'd blog about it. So, I'll be posting the weekly scenario and standings for this league as well as any videos that games played in this league might produce. And I'm going to start with the League rules which will be posted below:


The Revenge


* 350 points of Mangled Metal or Tooth N’ Claw with the option of one (1) solo.

o MKII Option: 15pt Duel with option of one (1) solo.

* Or 500 points of Mangled Metal or Tooth N’ Claw with the option of two (2) solos, AND one (1) unit.

o MKII Option: 35pt Skirmish with limit of one (1) unit, and two (2) solos.

Note: Warcaster Attachments count as Solos.


* One (1) point to play 350 (or 15pt duel)

* Two (2) points to play at 500 (or 35pt skirmish)

* Three (3) additional points for a win at 350 (or 15pt Duel)

* Four (4) additional point for a win at 500 (or 35pt Skirmish)

* One (1) additional point for winning by scenario.

* One (1) additional point for winning and achieving a master challenge.


* Can’t play the same opponent twice in a row.

* Limit of five (5) games per week, per player.

* One Scenario Per Week – distributed by e-mail, and posted on the bulletin board at Paladin’s Game Castle, and at

* Tuesday night is “League Night,” but if you can squeeze in a game at any other time while at Paladin’s Game Castle then it will count.

* Events, such as Arena, will award bonuses to league participants.

* Games will be recorded on scorecards, and turned into a record box. League standings will be posted once a week via e-mail, and on the bulletin board.

* Players are not restricted to one faction, contract, or special force – a player’s army list must be legal.

o Ex: Tuesday, I Play Cygnar. Friday, I play Circle Orboros. And, Saturday I play Mercs.

* SPORTSMANSHIP: Remember, we are all here to have fun!

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