Sunday, November 1, 2009

Masters of Metal II - Week 4

Ground Zero

No soldier is safe when ‘jacks and beasts go on a killing spree in the center of the battlefield.

Special Rules
Before the game begins, mark a Control Point in the center of the table. A player holds the Control Point if he has one or more friendly warjacks/warbeasts within 6” of the point while none of his opponent’s warjacks/warbeasts are within 6” of the point.

Warjacks/warbeasts within 6” of the Control Point gain Berserk. Every time a model with Berserk destroys another model with a melee attack, it must immediately make one melee attack against another model in its melee range, friendly or enemy.

Warjacks/warbeasts within 6” of the Control Point gain +1 MAT against warrior models, friendly or enemy.

Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting roll, and use standard deployment zones.

Victory Conditions
A player wins when he holds the Control Point at the end of his turn, starting after the second round or when the last opposing warcaster/warlock is destroyed or removed from play.

Master Challenge
The Player who wins that game and does not lose a warjack or warbeast will earn one (1) additional league point.

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