Monday, November 9, 2009

Masters of Metal: Week 5

Tag Team

When multi-ton goliaths crash together on the battlefield even the most hardened infantry soldier has much to fear.

Special Rules
Before the start of the game, divide the table in half with a line running west to east through the center of the table.

Non-warcaster/warlock warrior models within 6” of an enemy warjack/warbeast suffer -1 CMD

Heavy warjacks may trample without spending focus. Heavy warbeasts may trample without being forced.

Determine deployment zones and turn order with a standard starting roll, and use standard deployment zones.

Victory Conditions
A player wins if he ends his turn with two or more friendly warjack/warbeast models on his opponent's side of the centerline while none of his opponent's warjacks/warbeasts are on his side of the table, after the second round. Do not count wrecked or inert warjacks or wild warbeasts when determining whether or not a player has won the scenario.

Master Challenge
Destroy all opposing solos and units and receive one (1) additional league point.

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