Thursday, December 10, 2009

Battle Report: Epic Kaya vs. Ravyn 15pt

Another field test game, and this time I'm going up against a Warmachine army [link]. Also, I plug a tournament that I'm going to be running at Paladin's Game Castle this Saturday (12/12/09) here in Bakersfield, California. It will be a 15pt Mangled Metal/Tooth N' Claw with the option of one solo, and it will be awesome.

Extra: Example Armies for Tournament

Maj. Markus "Siege" Brisbane +5WJ
- Defender 9
- Defender 9
Squire 2
Total: 15

Krueger The Stormwrath +5WB
- Argus 4
- Woldwyrd 5
- Woldwarden 9
Blackclad Wayfarer 2
Total: 15

I hope to see you there! :)

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