Monday, December 21, 2009

Battle Report: Morvahna vs. Makeda 50pts

Wrath of the Dice Gods - Well, the Dice Rage was in full effect during that game, because for one thing I had rolled “snake eyes” no fewer than six times during attack rolls when all I needed was a three to hit. And, often time damage rolls often fell short of what I needed to do even one point of damage. There were moments when boosted damage rolls resulted in a 1, 1, and 2. Most of my dice rolls were complete whiffs. The exception to this being the dice rolls that were made with the Lord of the Feast. I should note that if my dice rolls were good I would have still probably lost, but the battle wouldn’t have been so one-sided.

Molik Karn – This is a model that got changed a couple days after this game was played. And, the way it changed would have made for a different game as far as his involvement was concerned. Why? Because Molik Karn lost his signature move: fateward. And, this means that attack rolls against him can now be boosted. That’s something that may have made a difference in this particular game.

Savagery - This spell allowed the Skorne Cav to rush across the field with a 16 inch advance and a five inch jump on turn one. Therefore, on a 4’x4’ playing surface they were 31 inches across the table on the first turn. So, it was no surprise to me that the spell got nerfed down to “additional five inches.” That would have had an impact on our game.

Lord of the Feast - I like the new Lord of the Feast for the same reason I like the MKII Hammersmith. The Feast Lord was incredibly underpowered in MKI and is now useful in his new form. So, useful that he carried my side the battle nearly by himself. He dealt with the Praetorians and the Skorne Cav with ease while everything else struggled. If he weren't a character model I'd say he was overpowered, but as a one of a kind badass I think he's just fine.

Reeves of Orboros – I just can’t seem to find a niche for this unit. I purchased them because I realized my army was way to focused on melee combat, and I needed some shooters. Their range 10 weapons means that they get charged or bumrushed before they can do anything, and when they are free to shoot at people then they can’t hit anything. I just don’t know what to think of these guys. The next time I use them it may be as proxies for Wolves of Orboros.


  1. Hi there,

    just wondering how you'd rate Mark II Lady Morv after playing her against the Skorne? I'm asking for a first impression, goes without saying, but i myself was utterly disappointed with her after a game against the new Trollbloods. She seemed way to weak to do anything for the whole game, except for reviving a trooper here and there. Can't imagine how to put a working list together for her. Any comments wold be much appreciated. Keep up the good work, two thumbs up.

  2. In MKI she was all about marshaling the troops while being fueled by the Warbeasts, and in MKII she still has no beast support and her troop support is now weak sauce. Hence, I am at a loss for what kind of list I'm gonna make for her.