Sunday, April 25, 2010

The New Style (Epic Haley vs. Stryker 35pts)

Well, here at SteamPoweredTV I have recently made an evolutionary step that has needed to be made since YouTubers such as Iron Bear and Trybeinganihilist raised the bar a year ago. I have completely changed the structure of how I'll be doing my battle reports in the future. Currently, this new structure leaves little room for making jokes or conveying the fun that me and my friends have while playing Warmachine and Hordes, but as I slip into a routine that will come back.

As I had stated in a recent vblog, with each video I make I learn more and more about the video editing process. And, so it was time to try something completely different. When I first started making videos nearly three years ago I didn't know how to splice clips, hack audio, or edit a narration. Now that I know how to do this, and have the proper software and hardware to make it all work I can "work on my Morgan Freeman skills."

In addition, taking on a more narrative approach means that my battle reports are now easier to follow. Let's face it guys - you all know that I can start rambling or easily find myself at a loss for words. Especially when I'm doing something I love (like playing Warmachine). Those who have offered good constructive criticism in the past have made mention of this, and I have taken steps to improve that aspect of the videos. My earliest videos the clips were made at the end of each round, and then latter I started doing the clips at the end of each turn so that the battle reports became better detailed. The next big step after that was the use of note taking so that at the end of each turn I knew exactly what to say and thus the video quality became that much tighter (which can be seen in Epic Nemo vs. The Butcher 50pts). While I was editing this video I realized it worked great as an audio only battle report as I didn't even need to look at the screen in order to know what was going on.

The last issue is actually a minor one, and that's the issue of ambient noise during the videos. Many of the haters out their have made an issue about "extraneous noises" in the video. Generally my friends and I play during our scheduled Warmachine night and so there are other games going on next to us. There are also a couple RPG groups that meet up and play on the same night. And in the FPLGS we all laugh, joke and have a good time. It was never a big deal because the microphone in my camera always did a better job of picking up my voice than picking up what was said in the background. And, this was never an issue for me. On the other hand, when I whip out my camera and start doing my "sports announcer" thing it can be a tad bit disruptive at times. So this next step means that I don't have to distract others from their game.

Now this newest video is rough and many of the visuals are not even close to being in synch with what's being said, but it is a step in a bold new direction. And, I'm already thinking of ways to make the next video better.

Epic Haley vs. Stryker 35pts:


  1. I think that I enjoy your battle reports with the noise in the background because it demonstrates the fun that you. your friends, and the people who are playing other games are having. However, I do realize that this is a work in process and it will take some time to perfect. Keep the battle reports coming and keep on wargamin'!

  2. I was wondering about something. I live in the middle of NoWhere(Pembroke, New Hampshire) and I was curious that if you ever were in the Concord, New Hampshire region, which I highly doubt, if you would look me up and we could play a game of hordes/warmachine. It doesn't have to be a battle report, but it do me a great honor to be able to play a game with you. Just respond to this comment and I'll get back to you. Thanks.

  3. If I find myself in New Hamshire with my army then we'll get a game in. WHo knows I could find myself at TempleCon one of these days.

  4. I have to say I vastly appreciated the old style better, but you never know, this could work out better once you work out the kinks. BTW are you heading up to Pax this year?