Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cleaning out the LiveJournal Closet Part 1: Sid's Box

A couple years ago I actually let someone talk me into painting their models for commission. That was a big mistake because it kept me from painting my own models (such as my Mercenary army). It meant I couldn't enjoy the fruit of my own labor. And, in hindsight the pay really wasn't worth it. But, in here are four or five videos that feature me painting Khador models and some still pics to go with it. It's too bad that Sid's Box battle report never happened.

Well, it's been a while... a far cry from my days as a LJ-Junkie who would frequently update and constantly press refresh on the friend's page.

But, anyways here is my latest project that I have dubbed "Sid's Box." Over the past three weeks I painted 32 models and documented this on YouTube.

And here are the stil pics:




Ironfang Pikemen:

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