Friday, June 18, 2010

23 Pirates are FINALLY DONE!

So, they are finally done. The single largest simultaneous undertaking I have ever done since the "Sid's Box Project" nearly two years ago. The burnout was intense, but I soldiered on and got them done.

This cannon crew came out a lot better than I had originally anticipated. I hope my second one comes out as well.

And, naturally I got to represent with some Press Gangers.

These Sea Dogs are ready for the table top (minus their leader, because a friend wanted to paint him).

This is a Reaper mini that I really liked and I decided to add her to my pirate force. She's not legal for official Privateer Press gameplay, but she'll add an element of fun casual games as "Mrs. Walls."

All in all, they turned out well but upon further inspection you'll see one eff-up after another. Many of my dudes and one of the ladies don't have eyebrows, and there are a number of other d'oh moments such as botched eyes, faces and other details.

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  1. I like it. I'm working on my Privateers, as well. And ... yes ... Reaper has a LOT of cool pirate miniatures for proxy in friendly games.