Monday, July 26, 2010

Masters of Metal - Week 4

Week Three was not posted here, because I chose to print out a couple scenarios from the most recent Steamroller 2010 revision. Those scenarios were Capture the Flag and Destruction.

Ground Zero - Scenario 1 (D6 Roll of 1 – 3)

No soldier is safe when ‘jacks and beasts go on a killing spree in the center of the battlefield.

Special Rules
Before the game begins, mark a Control Point in the center of the table. A player holds the Control Point if he has one or more friendly warjacks/warbeasts within 6” of the point while none of his opponent’s warjacks/warbeasts are within 6” of the point.

Warjacks/warbeasts within 6” of the Control Point gain Berserk. Every time a model with Berserk destroys another model with a melee attack, it must immediately make one melee attack against another model in its melee range, friendly or enemy.

Warjacks/warbeasts within 6” of the Control Point gain +1 MAT against warrior models, friendly or enemy.

Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting roll, and use standard deployment zones.

Victory Conditions
A player wins when he holds the Control Point at the end of his turn, starting after the second round or when the last opposing warcaster/warlock is destroyed or removed from play.

Daybreak Scenario 2 (D6 Roll of 4 – 6)

Using the darkness as an advantage is a task that most commanders find difficult to master. When done correctly, the first rays of morning sunlight may be all that is needed to deliver the enemy a fatal blow.
Special Rules:
At the start of the first turn, LOS is 5”. At the beginning of each turn after the first, the LOS is increased by 1”. At the beginning of the fifth round, LOS returns to normal.

Round 1
Turn 1 LOS = 5 inches
Turn 2 LOS = 6 inches

Round 2
Turn 1 LOS = 7 inches
Turn 2 LOS = 8 inches

Round 3
Turn 1 LOS = 9 inches
Turn 2 LOS = 10 inches

Round 4
Turn 1 LOS = 11 inches
Turn 2 LOS = 12 inches

Round 5
LOS returns to normal

Determine deployment zones and turn order with a standard starting roll, and use standard deployment zones.
Victory Conditions:
A player wins by scenario when the last opposing warcaster/warlock is destroyed or removed from play by the end of Round 4. Only a normal victory is possible after the beginning of Round 5.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Theorymachine Dojo

I found this on YouTube, and it keeps getting funnier every time I watch it.

Battle Report Fail: Shae vs. Sorscha 35pts

This would have been a solidly played game if it weren't for the fact that I made two really big mistakes that effected the outcome of the final round. This video also features a number of the pirate models I've been working on as documented in various posts on my blog. Also, there's a classic Christopher Walken movie reference - see if you can spot it.

Also, a famous YouTube celebrity makes an appearance.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Malifaux WIP

Making good progress on my Malifaux collection, and when I finish this group the Sonia Criid box is next.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Finished Project

Last night I finished painting the Bosun Grogspar, clipped him from his previous base and pinned him to the recently sculpted pavement base.

To remove a fig from an old base just use clippers and just snip'n'snap it away. Sometimes the process is messy, and other times it's quick and clean. The Bosun here was a mess, but I won't get into that now.

After snipping him away I drilled holes in his feet, and then used poster tack to align the holes for drilling.

That being done I pressed the Pirate Troll into his new base and fixed a couple areas where the paint got scuffed.

Finally, I added some static grass to the base enhance it a bit. And I put my arcs on the model to make it ready for the tabletop. At this point i'd spray on some matte finish, but the humidity is much too high at the moment.

Hopefully this guy will make an appearance in the next BattleReport - which should be Cryx pirates vs. Merc pirates.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pavement Base from Magic Putty

So, recently I decided to make a 40mm pavement base with some Billy Mays' Magic Putty that I had just laying around.

I mixed the stuff up, spread it over a base and then used a sculpting blade make the bricks. The putty is extremely messy and was thickly caked onto my hands. After after finishing this step I watched an episode of Eureka while the stuff cured up.

At this point I put on a base coat of cheap acrylic craft paint while I continued to watch Eureka.

Later, I mixed up a wash out of VMC Smoke and tossed it over the whole thing. It's the same thing I do to my normal bases so it looked strangely familiar.

At this point I dry-brushed it with a shade of grey I normally reserve for terrain projects. In hindsight I should have used terra-cotta for a more natural look.

This base is for the Bosun whose current base has a crack in it, and he stands wobbly. I tried this sort of thing four years with Siege, but it went horribly wrong.

This entry would be a project journal video for the YouTube channel, but I was already well into the project when the idea came to mind.

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BTW: I got the inspiration to do this after watching GutsNGears video on making pavement bases.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wolfsbane Trailer

Matt Wilson, whom we all know and love as the creator of the Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine, and Hordes, has been working on a side project for the past several months. It's a Steampunk retelling Little Red Riding Hood, and this is the trailer:

And, this is Victorian Steampunk and not the Industrial Fantasy we see in the Iron Kingdoms. Looks interesting, and I look forward to the finished product. Some are saying that Steampunk is going to be the next big genre trend in film and television, but only time will tell.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writter's Block: Malifaux edition

Clustering out what I want to talk about for my Malifaux review/video blog. The plan is to do a part one where I talk about the game, and a part two where I get together with a friend and play. So far I've got the review divided into four sections: basic gameplay, innovations, miniatures, and fluff. My issue now is that I got a lot to say about the last two parts but not enough in regards to game mechanics. Well, the upside to this is that I'll probably have my stuff painted by the time I get to this. In the meantime it looks like it is once again time to make another pass at the rulebook.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Masters of Metal 2010: Week 2


Victory lies in the ability to control key points on the battlefield.
Special Rules
Mark two control markers in the middle of the table, one 10” forward from the south table edge and the other 10” forward of the north table edge. The first player to simultaneously hold both control markers wins. A model holds the point if it ends its controlling player’s turn with its base overlapping a point marker. Only one model may hold a point, and players may start the game with one of their own models controlling a point. Wrecked or inert Warjacks and wild Warbeasts cannot hold a point.
Victory Conditions
The first player to control both points wins the game wins the game and takes scenario.

NOTE: Use a penny to represent the invasion point, and be very careful not to move the tablecloth during the game.



It takes a valiant commander to lead his army into the enemy position.
Special Rules:
The first player to deploy may choose the point of one table corner as his Command Position. The Second player’s Command Position is the point of the table corner diagonal from his opponent’s Command Position.
Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting game roll. A player’s deployment zone extends 18” from his Command Position.
Victory Conditions:
A player wins if he starts his turn with a friendly warcaster/warlock completely within 10” of his opponent’s Command Position.

NOTE: Use a penny to represent the command position.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Official Token Set: A Review

Today I got my hands on the new Mercenary token set from Privateer Press, and my grabby hands and I got a look at them:

These are a game changer and they are far superior to Gale Force Nine's "Warmachine" tokens. I fully intend on replacing my Warcogs/Warclas with these token sets.

Lady J WIP

Lately I've been working non Warmachine models, such as Lady Justice here:

I needed a break after painting all those pirates.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010




Opposing forces encounter each other while in route to an emergency.


Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting roll. Use standard deployment zones.

A player wins the scenario if they have the only Warcaster/Warlock in play by the end of the second players's third turn. After the beginning of the fourth round normal victory is achieved when a player has the only Warcaster/Warlock currently in play.



With battle lines drawn, two great armies converge on the no-man’s-land between them.

Mark an 8” wide area, running east to west, centered on the centerline of the table. This is the No-Man’s-Land.

Starting on the first player’s third turn, a player wins when he ends his turn in control of No-Man's-Land.

A player controls the No-Man's-Land if he has one or more models completely within the No-Man's-Land and his opponent has no models completely in the No-Man's-Land.

For a unit to control a zone, all models in the unit that are still in play must be within the same zone. For a solo to control a zone, it must have an army point cost of 1 or more. (For solos that are purchased in multiples, divide the cost of the solos by the number purchased to see if they are worth at least 1 point each.)

Ignore inert warjacks, wild warbeasts, and fleeing models when checking for control or tiebreaker conditions; these models cannot control a zone and do not prevent an opponent from claiming control.

MASTERS OF METAL 2010 - League Rules

Game Size:
¸ 15pts, with the option of one (1) solo.
¸ 25pts with the option of one (1) solo and one (1) unit.
¸ 35pts regular game (no restrictions on units or solos beyond model/unit FA)

Points System:
¸ 1 point earned for playing and completing a game at 15pts.
¸ 2 points earned for playing and completing a game at 25pts.
¸ 3 points earned for playing and completing a game at 35pts.

1 additional point for winning a game by way of assassination.
2 additional points for winning a game by scenario.

Master Challenge:
During games players can meet challenges that will net them achievements. This is to be scored in a separate category, and does not add to a players League Point total. Every ten challenge points will earn players a star next to their name on the leader board.

Challenge Points:
Players will earn one (1) challenge point for achieving the following:
¸ Reduce an enemy Warlock/Warcaster from full health to destroyed with one attack.
¸ Destroy six (6) or more enemey models with one attack.
¸ Cripple three (3) systems on a opposing heavy warjack, or disable two out of three aspects of a heavy warbeast with one damage roll.
¸ Knockdown three or more opposing models with a single power attack.
¸ Sacrifice (or destroy) a friendly model as a menas of destroying an enemy model.

Two possible scenarios will be posted each week. On the roll of a D6 1-3, will result in Scenario A and 4-6 will result in Scenario B. Scenarios will be posted on my blog ( and linked to from the Bakersfield Warmachine facebook group.

¸ No more than 5 games per player, per week.
¸ Players cannot play two games in a row against the same opponent.
¸ All games are to be played at Paladin’s Game Castle.
¸ Players can earn league points for participating in other events such as Arena Combat and Tournaments.
¸ Games results are too be recorded on player scorecards that will be kept at the store.
¸ Players are not restricted to one faction or contract, but army lists must be legal.
¸ SPORTSMANSHIP: Remember, we are all here to have fun.
¸ FELLOWSHIP: Even though, this is a competition it is okay to lend a helping hand.