Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Finished Project

Last night I finished painting the Bosun Grogspar, clipped him from his previous base and pinned him to the recently sculpted pavement base.

To remove a fig from an old base just use clippers and just snip'n'snap it away. Sometimes the process is messy, and other times it's quick and clean. The Bosun here was a mess, but I won't get into that now.

After snipping him away I drilled holes in his feet, and then used poster tack to align the holes for drilling.

That being done I pressed the Pirate Troll into his new base and fixed a couple areas where the paint got scuffed.

Finally, I added some static grass to the base enhance it a bit. And I put my arcs on the model to make it ready for the tabletop. At this point i'd spray on some matte finish, but the humidity is much too high at the moment.

Hopefully this guy will make an appearance in the next BattleReport - which should be Cryx pirates vs. Merc pirates.

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