Sunday, July 4, 2010

MASTERS OF METAL 2010 - League Rules

Game Size:
¸ 15pts, with the option of one (1) solo.
¸ 25pts with the option of one (1) solo and one (1) unit.
¸ 35pts regular game (no restrictions on units or solos beyond model/unit FA)

Points System:
¸ 1 point earned for playing and completing a game at 15pts.
¸ 2 points earned for playing and completing a game at 25pts.
¸ 3 points earned for playing and completing a game at 35pts.

1 additional point for winning a game by way of assassination.
2 additional points for winning a game by scenario.

Master Challenge:
During games players can meet challenges that will net them achievements. This is to be scored in a separate category, and does not add to a players League Point total. Every ten challenge points will earn players a star next to their name on the leader board.

Challenge Points:
Players will earn one (1) challenge point for achieving the following:
¸ Reduce an enemy Warlock/Warcaster from full health to destroyed with one attack.
¸ Destroy six (6) or more enemey models with one attack.
¸ Cripple three (3) systems on a opposing heavy warjack, or disable two out of three aspects of a heavy warbeast with one damage roll.
¸ Knockdown three or more opposing models with a single power attack.
¸ Sacrifice (or destroy) a friendly model as a menas of destroying an enemy model.

Two possible scenarios will be posted each week. On the roll of a D6 1-3, will result in Scenario A and 4-6 will result in Scenario B. Scenarios will be posted on my blog ( and linked to from the Bakersfield Warmachine facebook group.

¸ No more than 5 games per player, per week.
¸ Players cannot play two games in a row against the same opponent.
¸ All games are to be played at Paladin’s Game Castle.
¸ Players can earn league points for participating in other events such as Arena Combat and Tournaments.
¸ Games results are too be recorded on player scorecards that will be kept at the store.
¸ Players are not restricted to one faction or contract, but army lists must be legal.
¸ SPORTSMANSHIP: Remember, we are all here to have fun.
¸ FELLOWSHIP: Even though, this is a competition it is okay to lend a helping hand.

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