Saturday, July 10, 2010

Masters of Metal 2010: Week 2


Victory lies in the ability to control key points on the battlefield.
Special Rules
Mark two control markers in the middle of the table, one 10” forward from the south table edge and the other 10” forward of the north table edge. The first player to simultaneously hold both control markers wins. A model holds the point if it ends its controlling player’s turn with its base overlapping a point marker. Only one model may hold a point, and players may start the game with one of their own models controlling a point. Wrecked or inert Warjacks and wild Warbeasts cannot hold a point.
Victory Conditions
The first player to control both points wins the game wins the game and takes scenario.

NOTE: Use a penny to represent the invasion point, and be very careful not to move the tablecloth during the game.



It takes a valiant commander to lead his army into the enemy position.
Special Rules:
The first player to deploy may choose the point of one table corner as his Command Position. The Second player’s Command Position is the point of the table corner diagonal from his opponent’s Command Position.
Determine deployment zones and turn order with a starting game roll. A player’s deployment zone extends 18” from his Command Position.
Victory Conditions:
A player wins if he starts his turn with a friendly warcaster/warlock completely within 10” of his opponent’s Command Position.

NOTE: Use a penny to represent the command position.

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