Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Writter's Block: Malifaux edition

Clustering out what I want to talk about for my Malifaux review/video blog. The plan is to do a part one where I talk about the game, and a part two where I get together with a friend and play. So far I've got the review divided into four sections: basic gameplay, innovations, miniatures, and fluff. My issue now is that I got a lot to say about the last two parts but not enough in regards to game mechanics. Well, the upside to this is that I'll probably have my stuff painted by the time I get to this. In the meantime it looks like it is once again time to make another pass at the rulebook.

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  1. I snagged the rulebook and all the Guild minis that were available at the time. No one to play around here and my lgs doesn't deal with any suppliers who carry it...
    Neat game idea. Still kinda creepy vibe that I'm not sure if I dig it yet.

  2. Being a big Silent Hill fan I kinda dig the creepy vibe. I got a friend who has figures, and he plays so the trick will be getting together with him and getting a game in when we both have time.

  3. Remember, im taking my malifaux stuff up there on the 24th :D