Thursday, August 5, 2010

Triumph The Insult-Comic Warjack

So, the next wave of Warmachine character warjacks have been revealed one tweet at a time thanks to the guys at Brew City Gamers. And, it looks like folks in the the Cygnar Faction forums are not happy. Those who defend the new warjack say that Defenders were never meant for melee and everyone else says that the new jack is not worth the two extra points to field.


I've laid down a lot of hurt with Defender shock hammers in the past (including MKI games), so the idea that "something has gone wrong" if they end up in melee is just plain silly. I often "love tap" approaching enemies with the heavy barrels and then charge in for the kill stroke. Back when "everyone" on the Privateer forums said the Defender sucked I thought they were good and I owned two of them. As for Triumph the Insult-Comic Warjack (who may get a bow-tie and cigar) I can see the value of ignoring stealth but aside from that my feelings on it are "meh." I don't have a big'ol nerd-on for it, and at the same time I'm not putting hate on it before it gets a chance to prove itself.

On the other hand...

Don't get me started on the aesthetics of these new models in general. It's good to see that Privateer is looking out for us in terms of saving money, and a couple of "bitz" plus a card shouldn't cost us too much - but, I think character models should be more special. If this was just a cleaver way to give us a new FA:U 'jack on a pre-existing chassis then I'd be more excited for it.


I'm not really gonna comment yet on the other faction's new toys, because what I read in their communities didn't bug me. And, I would like to thank the Brew City Gamer guys for hooking us up with the intel from GenCon. Follow their tweets, and stay up to date: Brew City Gamers Twitter.


  1. Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I think (hope) that they are just trying to offer the ability to add character 'jacks without forcing us to buy all new models. I have three defenders, two of which are not painted yet. One of the three is made from the plastic kit, and I have magnets set up so I can make it into an Ironclad, Hammersmith, or Defender. So this will just give me a 4th option for the one model. And for me, that's cool.

  2. magnetic swapping is a skill I'm going to have to work on, because I can see myself having a Triumph/Ironclad in my collection.