Saturday, October 30, 2010

BATTLE REPORT: SteamPoweredTV vs. ListenWhileYouPlay

This is the first Battle Report in which I get in a game against another YouTuber.  After Hordes: Genesis Vedgy and I teamed up to take on Blog and Beatfreak of ListenWhileYouPlay.  Each player fielded a 15pt Mangled Metal army that represented two factions.  This is also just as much a Warmachine vs. Hordes game. 

Be sure to check out ListenWhileYouPlay for their brand of Warmachine and Hordes videos!

The video is under the cut, so you want to read more:


  1. Ah a game where things get thrown and slammed. God i love it. The only item on the video id say is to maybe lower the volume of it. At one point during the anime sounding music it got just a touch hard to hear what you were saying.

  2. Yeah. I repeated an old mistake, so in the future I'm gonna make a playlist of softer tunes that add dramatic effect but aren't distracting.

  3. You also made another mistake ingame. I just spotted it because it appeared in our campaign. Beat Back says "the enemy model can be pushed," therefore, he could not have shoved that Bronzeback up, because it's a friendly.

  4. @Marth - yeah, a YouTuber pointed that out and I looked it up. Turned out to be a "Ghost of MK1's Past" because I used tactics like that with my Hammersmith and Capt. Darius back in the day. But, we failed to noticed that a lot of offensive push attacks now designate for use against enemy models only. They probably did it to reign in on Cygnar "Push surfing." So, now I got to say something about it in a future video.