Saturday, October 2, 2010

HORDES BATTLE REPORT: Krueger vs. Absylonia 35pts

In an effort to re-learn how to play my Hordes army I have taken Krueger out of the case for the first time in over 9 months.


  1. Bob the Builder is at work!

    Can we do it?

  2. I gotta find a little construction workers hat for Bob, and I'm thinking I could find one in a lego set or from a cheap-ass dollar store toy.

  3. Great vid!
    PS: Where did you get the pic of the girl in purple from? DeviantArt?

  4. I will keep my eyes open man!

  5. @goat89 - I did a google search for Dr. Blight of Captain Planet and this was the only pic that didn't suck.

    @Fred - Thanks, man. I actually plan on hitting the "cheap ass toy" aisle of a couple stores in the hops of finding one.