Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The NEW Masters of Metal

A month ago I got this crazy idea in my head about new ways to keep things interesting for our local Warmachine/Hordes group.  The idea was to keep things fresh, and give people a reason to keep coming back.   And, then it hit me: I could just blatantly rip-off DnD Encounters and adapt it for Warmachine & Hordes.  So, that's basically what I did.  Privateer's organized play doesn't really have anything at the moment that caters to the Weekly Gamer.  Their programs are either geared to single events or leagues that are geared towards those who play on a daily basis.  I'm hoping that I'll come up with a framework for something that can lead to Warmachine & Hordes getting it's own answer to something like FNM (Friday Night Magic) or DnD Encounters.  Here's to hoping:

Warmachine & Hordes
Masters of Metal

Those who participate in Tuesday & Saturday Night Warmachine & Hordes events shall earn points for their participation.  Those who earn a “scoring position” in an event or tournament shall earn additional points and campaign related prizes.  “Scoring Positions” will also include a “Fellowship” prize for those who stand out the most for their good character and sportsmanship during game nights.  Prizes are in-game benefits designed to enhance gameplay and are only good for the current campaign.  Each Masters of Metal season shall be quarterly.  The player with the most points at the end of a campaign will earn a prize that carries over into the next campaign. 

Scoring Positions:
  •  Earning 1st – 3rd place in a paired tournament.
  •  Announced Positions during events (such as Arena)
  •  Winning a Challenge Night
  •  Earning An Award for Fellowship/Sportsmanship

Prizes are cards that give players in-game benefits.  At the beginning of each game a player can choose any one reward card that must be revealed to their opponent.  This card is only usable during Masters of Metal tournaments and events. One-time use cards are to be returned to the organizer, and once-per-game cards expire at the end of the season.

  • 10pts - Duelst Award
  • 20pts – Skirmisher Award
  • 30pts – Grand Melee Award
  • 40pts – Battle Royal Award

So, who will be the next Master of Metal!?

Award Example:


  1. Do the positions from this past weekend count?

    The election is killing my weeknight participation even deader than it already was, but I support this whole plan.

  2. Hordes: Genesis didn't count because it was an official event that had its own special prizes. Normal Saturday nights like this Saturday's 15MM+1Solo Tournie will count. And we are meeting on Saturdays as well, unless we get pre-empted by something else like M:TG or a DnD Gamesday.