Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ladies Night: Kathy Laddermore on Horseback painted in roughly 5 hours.

I showed up at Paladin's Game Castle at about 5 O'Clock with a burrito from one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants and got myself situated. I set up my light, my portable DVD player, and I grabbed the colors I knew I'd be using for the night in addition in addition to my wet palette. The first DVD I popped in for the night was Dragon Ball Z: Abridged and unlike the test model I started Laddermore out with a black ink wash so that she would be black lined. This worked out really well in the long run:

The next step for me was to begin base-coating after the ink wash was dry. This process was long and arduous, but I manage to complete it in a timely manner. The next DVD to go into the player was the 2006 Silent Hill movie. While it's yet another poor Hollywood knock-off of a popular videogame franchise - I personally like the film for it's visuald and cinematography. Plus it's great background noise for painting mini's. As I painted the mini I kept noticing areas that I had not yet completed, but eventually I got to a point where I could start shading and highlighting:

The next DVD to go into player was a Children of Men, which is a personal favorite of mine. Great visuals, great cinematography, and a really moving story. I also think it's one of the best post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi films that I've ever seen. But, my Movie Nerdness aside, I was still basecoating Laddermore and I was laying on the metallic coats (mostly brass: P3 Brass Balls, and VMC Bright Bronze). At that point I began the shading process. I used Devlen Mud on the brass and earth tones, Badab Black on the dark blues and silver metals, and a custom wash on the P3 Underbelly Blue. I highlighted the blue armor and dark blue capes. I did detail work on the Kathy's face, the shield and a crest the armor of her horse. I painted the base with a mix of P3 Fleshwash and Umberal Umber. When it dried I dry brushed the "stone slabes" with a light earthtone and added some static grass. From there I did the front and back arch of her base, and called it done:

So, I did it. I had my doubts about the figure when I did my test run on her dismount a couple nights ago, but I still rose to the challenge. I had actually considered working on Epic Kaya, Epic Eiryss, or my Druid Wilder instead. But when I came down to it I went with Laddermore because that model intimidated me. Than other figures in my collection. So, to complete her during this competition is a persoanl milestone for me.

I plan on making these competitions a quarterly event at my LGS. It's a great deal of fun and I recommend that others organize similar events with their LGS's or clubs. The entry's are judged and voted on by customers during the week, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. When the final results are in I'll get to work on "Paint Like You Got A Pair 3."

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