Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shed No Tiers Tournament Report

Today I ran a 35pt Steamroller at Paladin's Game Castle and the twist was that army lists were restricted to the theme forces from the faction books.  Because we're getting close to the holiday's we had some bad-luck with player turnout and we only had four people (other than myself) show up to play.  Five people from our regular Tuesday night group showed up to hang out for a little bit, but they had other obligations that kept them from playing.  During the tournament Blog and Beatfreak of L.W.Y.P. made a tournament video:

I forget to bust out my own camera and start filming, but that's okay because the guys from L.W.Y.P. did a good job capturing the event. Those who played in the tourney got a taste of what's to come as we used the Steamroller 2011 rules.

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