Monday, May 31, 2010

23 Pirates Update

Here's a WIP shot of my 23 pirates, I did a little more work on them today, but it wasn't anything compared to the last Friday's eight hour painting binge:





The Mangler!

For those of you who watched the video "Time to Strip" you may recognize this Mangler Heavy Warjack as one of the models I got second hand from Tom a few weeks back. Well, I used a couple of tricks to finish him quickly and all I have to do now the basing, the arcs, and then put on a coat of matte finish. He's currently glossy because I used an obscene amount of Tamiya X-19 Smoke to shade and weather the model.

The Mangler will see a lot of use with Captain Shae and Drake MacBain in my Mercenary lists.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

23 Mercs At Once

What am I working on at the moment? Paint Like You Got A Pair 2 (video), BR: Moshar vs. Venethrax 35(video that ties in with Iron Painter), and I'm painting 23 Privateer Mercenaries at once (because, everything is better with pirates):

This is the craziest project I have undertaken since "Sid's Box" nearly two years ago, but the difference here is that that these are MY MINI'S for MY ARMY. And, there's being speed painted so that I can bring them to the table as quickly as possible. As much as I love my Cygnar - I'm hoping to represent with some Mercenaries at SoCal Smackdown this September.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time To Strip

I was recently given a second-hand Magnus the Traitor battle box, and that means it's time to drop some figures in some Simple Green in order to strip the paint:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Caption Contest: Dominar Rasheth

Okay guys it's caption contest tine again!


And there's just too much going on with this figure for nothing to be said about it. Anyways I'll kick this off with, "Moar Wine?"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Painter! (video)

Trying to make up my mind about what I'm going to paint during the next painting competition. Details can be found here: link!

Cleaning Out The LiveJournal Closet part 3: Kingdom of Cygnar

This was the first video I ever posted on YouTube, and in the LiveJournal entry I make reference to getting a new camera. That new camera would be used take even better pictures, and record video which lead to the first battle reports which lead to me starting SteamPoweredTV where I would also do hobby videos and video blogs.

Still Photo's From The Video:

When I get a better camera I plan on taking all new photo's of all my models, and I'm going to arrange them chronologically so that skill improvement can clearly demonstrated.

Cleaning Out The LiveJournal Closet part 2: Bog Trog Ambushers

While growing as a painter I made a transition from using black primer to white primer on my models. Mainly to try out a painting technique that consisted of using washes to lay down a the basecoats. A wargaming buddy of mine calls this technique "Shake And Bake." Doesn't that just blow your mind?


This is my first entry, and so I thought I share a bit of my hobby with you.

I started with white primer, and then applied the basecoats. I shaded the model and then painted the details. The models were then based and finished off with a few layers of Testor's Dullcote. The final picture is from a tournament that was held on Oct. 20th 2007 at my unFriendly Local Gamestore (unFLGS).

Cleaning out the LiveJournal Closet Part 1: Sid's Box

A couple years ago I actually let someone talk me into painting their models for commission. That was a big mistake because it kept me from painting my own models (such as my Mercenary army). It meant I couldn't enjoy the fruit of my own labor. And, in hindsight the pay really wasn't worth it. But, in here are four or five videos that feature me painting Khador models and some still pics to go with it. It's too bad that Sid's Box battle report never happened.

Well, it's been a while... a far cry from my days as a LJ-Junkie who would frequently update and constantly press refresh on the friend's page.

But, anyways here is my latest project that I have dubbed "Sid's Box." Over the past three weeks I painted 32 models and documented this on YouTube.

And here are the stil pics:




Ironfang Pikemen: