Thursday, February 10, 2011

Off To A Great Start

Currently my Directorate starter fleet is cleaned up and primed (I know that's not how it looks in the photo above, but bare with me here).  The more I work with the models the less I enjoy working with them.  For one thing the cruisers have some really brittle areas on them and the act of cleaning away flash and mold lines actually caused damage.  And, as seen in the photo, one of those same figures didn't have the hole drilled out for the flight stand.  I just didn't feel like going down to OSH or Sears to get the right sized drill bit, so instead I dug the area out with a knife and used some  "green stuff" to set a new hole.  So, one of my ships will have a massive corn hole on it's underside. I've joked about painting it brown...

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