Friday, November 11, 2011


As a part of a series of food drive tournaments for various games we’ll be doing a FOODMACHINE tournament at Paladin’s Game Castle in Bakersfield, Ca. on December 3rd, 2011 for the games of WARMACHINE AND HORDES. The tournament itself is 35 points and will be based on Steamroller 2011. Each player gets to bring up to two lists, and scenarios will be announced at the beginning of each round. The twist here is that donations ca...n be used to “cheat” during the games.

WHEN: December 3rd, 2011 – 10am
WHERE: Paladin’s Game Castle in Bakersfield, Ca.
ENTRY: 5 cans (8oz or Larger).
PRIZES: Most Cans Used during a Single Game, and Most Cans Donated Overall. Also, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place.


ONE CAN MAY BE USED TO: add +1 to your initiative, re-roll a D6*, force an opponent to re-roll a D6*, shift damage by one column*, and add one minute to your current turn*.
THREE CANS MAY BE USED TO: Shake Off being Knocked Down or Stationary (OPT), Add one extra focus or fury point to a Warcaster or Warlock in excess of their focus stat (OPT)*, generate 1 free non-charge power attack*, measure the distance between two models (OPT).
TEN CANS MAY BE USED TO: Force one of an opponents ADVANCED DEPLOYED to deploy normally (OPG), give one non-character Warjack/Warbeast HUNGRY (+1 MAT, RAT, DEF, and ARM to the stat line for the duration of the game), give one warrior model/unit the TERROR advantage, and make one Mercenary/Minion model/unit count as Friendly Faction (OPG).
ONE HUNDRED CANS MAY BE USED TO: Take an out of faction Warjack or Warbeast for your Warcaster or Warlock (Respectively). This warbeast counts as a Friendly Faction model. There is a limit of ONE per list.

8oz or Less = 1/2 Can
8-16ozs = 1 Can
16oz or MORE = 2 Cans
Meat = Double Cans (So, a 5oz Can of Vienna Sausages will count as 1 Can for cheating)

“*” = Cost Doubles Per Use During Each Game. (EXAMPLE: 2D6 re-roll will cost three cans)
OPT = Once Per Turn.
OPG = Once Per Game.

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