Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back in the Saddle: Epic Magnus

So, recently I decided to expand on my collection of Mercenaries.  However, the image pictured below is not a part  of my collection.  As a favor to an old friend and new Warmachine player I assembled this figure and mounted him on a resin base:

It always feels good to get a model cleaned up, assembled and ready for a fresh coat of primer.  And this was just what the doctor ordered for me after a great deal of work related stress from the two part time jobs I'm currently working.  As for the expansion of my own Mercenary force I've decided to build a Four Star Syndicate and Highborn Covenant collection on top of the Talion Charter force I already own.    For one thing, while the shenanigans that go with a Talion Charter army are always fun - I figured it was time to delve into new territory as I built up my Mercs. 

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