Friday, December 16, 2011

It Was Like Losing My Best Friend

A couple months back I found myself afflicted with a personal tragedy.  My pair of yellow-handled GW hobby clippers broke while I was modding a Hot Wheel car for use in the game Warlands:

These clipper where with me from the very beginning.  When I clipped Necron Warriors, Scarab Swarms, and  Destroyers from their original plastic molding and glued them together I used these clippers.  When I made several failed attempts and modding and converting models for use in a Warhammer 40K army - these clippers where there.   When I got into Warmachine and began to build what would become my massive collection of Cygnar models - these clippers were there.

As I got more into the hobby I began to improve my game when it came to assembling models, modding, and converting.  When ones collection of mostly metal models get large enough pinning becomes something you eventually learn to do.  There were several nicks in those clipper from cutting paper clips, but they still remained reliable for several years.

But, time takes it's toll and over the years I found myself having to squeeze them harder and harder to clip my way through brass rods.  And, the cuts through pewter and plastic weren't as neat and clean as they were six years ago.  So, when a part of a Hot Wheel that looked plastic actually turned out to be DieCast metal that was coated in plastic - I shouldn't have been surprised when they broke and that smaller piece went flying across the room.

I was really broke at the time so I payed five bucks for some clippers I found at Radio Shack, and I got to say that I would not recommend their "Nippy Cutters" to anybody. They do not cut cleanly through plastic or metal, and when it came to clipping brass rods they were a lot of work for cutting a really soft metal.  So, the first chance I got I purchased some P3 Hobby Clippers and they work great.  They're sharp, and they cut cleanly through pewter, plastic, and brass rods like a hot knife through butter.  They work great, but I kind of feel like a widower who got remarried, but still can't stop thinking about his dead wife. 

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