Friday, July 29, 2011

Paint Pledge for the Month of August 2011

And here is my paint Pledge for the next month:

Constance Blaize
Harlen Versh
MAX UNIT: Precursor Knights
Precursor Knight UA
MAX UNIT: Trencher Commandos

This will hinder my output of new videos, because whenever I paint a model I'm not editing my latest project.  But, that's just how it goes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Epic Eiryss

During Iron Painter 5 I managed to paint my Epic Eiryss which had been sitting in a drawer for nearly three years.  And, good things come to those who wait, because if I painted her back then she would not have came out as well.  She was painted with the same "water color" technique that I used on the majority of my Pirate models. 

We're going to be doing another Iron Painter this Saturday, but this time it's going to be done more like Iron Chef.  I've dubbed this "Iron Painter 6: Mystery Challenge," and the mystery is in the fact that participants don't know what they are going to paint, and they'll be a mystery color that has to be used on the figure.

Should be fun...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Advanced Deployment's Gaming Accessories

A couple weeks ago I placed an order with Advanced Deployment, and today my bag of goodies have arrived.  I got three objective flags that are perfect for Steamroller Tournametns, a set of wreck markers (two heavies and three lights), and some "base hugger" templates that are perfect for marking the front and rear arc onto Warmachine and Hordes models.

As you can see in the photo above the templates look great on the tabletop, and the objective markers are not only stable, but the flags fit perfectly into their 40mm bases.  The Wreck Markers are great for players who want for something more than cut-outs and construction paper.

Next we have the Front Arc Markers, which are being modeled by some of my Circle Orboros figures.  In the past I've traced circles onto parchment paper, and then folded them in half to make my Front Arc Markers.  But, now I can simply bust these out whenever I need to mark the arcs on my Warmachine and Hordes' figures.  Another thing I can do with these is bust them out whenever there is the inevitable argument about Free Strikes and Line of Sight.  Because, we all know THAT GUY who doesn't mark his figures and then instigates drama about getting to have his free strike.

OVERALL: I'd say these are good products that are available for a reasonable price, and I do plan on going back for more of their goodies.  Such as their AOE rings, and a few "Hill Proxies."  So, be sure to follow the link below and check them out:


A Friend's Dungeons and Dragon's Character

I have become very reluctant to take commissions after a bad experience with painting models for other people about three years ago.  But if someone catches me in the right mood I might paint a model or two for them.  And in this case a friend's DnD character has been sitting on my paint table for the past couple of weeks.  I can't remember exactly when I got started on her, but I finished the model on Saturday night and sprayed some matte varnish on the figure this morning:

The figure is Elise Anya from Reaper's Dark Legends range, and my friend plans on using this figure to represent herself and the characters she'll play in currant and future DnD games. 

I enjoyed painting this model so much that I may place an order and get one for my collection.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Selling Some of My Stuff

Remember those Firestorm Armada figures I cleaned up and painted a few months ago? Well, I'm getting rid of them because I'm no longer happy with the Directorate fleet. At some point I'll simply pick up a different fleet and get back into it. Possibly Aquan Prime or Relthoza.

As you can see the figures also come with my collection of tokens that are customized.  They were laminated and felt-backed for long term durability:

This stuff has been put on consignment through Paladin's Game Castle and can be purchased through their online store.  If you, or someone you know, is interested then just click on the following link:  *Click Here*

UPDATE: This collection has SOLD, and a big hearty thank you to the anonymous individual who purchased them!

BATTLE REPORT: Kraye vs. Rahn 35pts


In this Battle Report it's Cygnar vs. Retribution, and I'm putting a tier 2 Jeremiah Kraye list on the table. My opponent puts down a Rahn list designed to set up and take down enemy models. Let's see what happens!

Saturday, July 2, 2011