Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three Merc Solo's Basecoated During "Paint/Assembly Night."

So, I set one goal for myself during tonight's "Paint/Assembly Night," and that was to basecoat three of my Mercenary solos.  The original plan was to paint Drake MacBain, but I have to save him for another day.

Already primmed white the first thing I did was blackline the models with some wash I mixed up and keep in an spare pot for just this very purpose.  After this I tried out the new Citadel "Praxeti White" to dry-brush white back onto the models.  This "dry-brushing paint" is pretty cool.  I'd say more about it, but I want to use it more before I give my full opinion on it.  And, that could get video treatment.

After I snapped this photo, I decided to have a little fun and add this word bubble using the "fun bubble" app for my iphone.  I then uploaded this picture to Facebook, and tagged a friend in it.  Being a Legion player I know he doesn't want to see her on the other end o the table. 

The first thing I did after bringing out the detail was paint the skin tones.  It's something I always do first when painting people. Lanyssa got P3 Frostbite as her skintone since she is a Nyss (Ice Elf). 

 The base-coating was coming along, and I was in the zone.  But, then I hit a wall, and at about this point I decided it was time to take a break and stepped away from the table.

After my break from the table I got right back into the zone and didn't get back up until I completed my goal for the night, and here they are:

Stoked that I made it to this point I started to wonder about when I'd have another opportunity to paint.  And, I speculated that maybe my figures could be saying the same thing:

Hopefully I can get back to these in a timely manner, or at least finish up some of the other half-done projects I have going on around here.

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