Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steam Powered Combat: Shae vs. Garryth 15pts - DREADZONE! +Scenario (Re-Upped)

In this game we're taking on the Retribution, and in one of the random arena's of the Dreadzone. Let's see how this goes!

An Alternate Arena for Dreadzone 2.2
Combatants fight to the death for the amusement of the Infernal Red Queen.  Those who win are rewarded with the gift of decapitation.  When the battle is over she bathes in the blood of those who fought and died in her arena.
PERMITTED TERRAIN: Hills, Ruins, Wall Sections, and Shallow Water Features.  Two Shallow Water features are mandatory and must be placed within the Killbox.
BLOOD BATH: All Shallow Water terrain features are BLOOD.  A non-warcaster/warlock warrior model that enters or ends its activation in BLOOD must pass a command check or flee.  Models do not benefit from the FEARLESS advantage while within BLOOD terrain.
FOR THE RED QUEEN’S AMUSEMENT: Once per turn during the maintenance phase the Red Queen can target one model within 10 inches of a BLOOD terrain feature. And the active player can choose one of the following:
[Magical Ablilty: 8]
PLAYS WITH TOYS: Take control of target enemy non-character warjack that has a functional cortex.  You can make a full advance with the warjack and can then make one normal attack, then “plays with toys” expires.
PLAYS WITH PETS: Take control of target enemy non-character warbeast.  You can make one full advance with the warbeast and can then make one normal attack with it, then “plays with pets” expires.  While the warbeast is affected by “plays with pets,” it cannot be forced and you cannot use its animus.
PLAYS WITH SERVENTS: Take control of target enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior model.  The model immediately makes one normal melee attack, then “plays with servents” expires.
1. Lucky Charm – Once per turn this model can reroll one attack or damage roll.
2. Aura of Protection – friendly warrior models within 2” of this model gain +1 DEF and ARM.
3. Aura of Compassion – friendly warrior models within 10” of this model automatically rally.
4. Blessed – When making attacks this model’s weapons ignore spell effects that add to ARM and DEF.
5. Sacred Ward -  This model cannot be targeted by enemy spells.
6. Player's Choice.

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